Convergent Security Solution Voice and Video Communication Solution

To be the most trusted value added provider of IP security and unified communication solutions and services by delivering great experiences and values to customers, suppliers and all related partners in Thailand and regional markets within 5 years from now.


Product Update

  • Axis Q16 Series

    Axis Q16 Network Camera Series Outstanding image performance in demanding lighting conditions


    Biometrics Fingerprint Time and Attendance

  • CAP-AK4-IP1/2/4

    Network Access Controller

  • IP-AK2

    Web-Based Access Control Solution

  • DiskStation DS115j

    The perfect blend of versatility and affordability Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, DS115j is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simple, yet feature-rich NAS server. Easily back up documents, monitor live surveillance feeds,

  • DiskStation DS216se

    Create your own budget-friendly cloud Synology DiskStation DS216se is a budget-friendly two-bay NAS device, ideal for starting your own cloud or creating a no-fuss and full-featured file server. Powered by DiskStation Manager, DS216se offers possibilitie

  • DiskStation DS216j

    Built for you, a NAS providing home media storage in a powerful yet affordable way. DS216j is specifically designed for home and personal users. With a dual-core CPU, this 2-bay NAS is intuitive and powerful, making sure users enjoy effortless data shari

  • DiskStation DS416slim

    Small size, huge possibilities. DS416slim is a 4-bay NAS server for 2.5" drives, aimed at home users and professionals in need of a compact, power-saving, easily transportable storage solution. Accommodating up to four disks, it provides all essential se

  • DiskStation DS416j

    Powerful 4-bay NAS at an affordable price. Perfect for home and personal users to share data and enjoy multimedia. With high performance and rich add-on applications, DS416j is budget-friendly and delivers an optimal value for home and personal users to

  • MxManagementCenter

    The New Standard of Professional VMS Without License Costs

  • D26 Dome

    The D26 is perfect for applications that call for classic camera design with a shock-resistant dome. However, the camera’s internal components are anything but traditional, featuring trailblazing technology for a complete video security system.

  • M26 Allround

    The full range of MOBOTIX HD Premium lenses is available for the M26: From our fisheye lens with a 180° field of view to the 7° telephoto lens, which can be used to identify a car’s license plate number even from a distance of 70 m.

  • Annuncicom PS1

    Annuncicom PS1 Professional standards-based desktop IP Intercom and paging master station for use in IP Audio distribution applications

  • Q26 Hemispheric

    The Q26 hemispheric camera stands out for its elegant design and a high-resolution, 360° allround view. The camera can record every area of an entire room - replacing up to four conventional cameras.

  • Barix Annuncicom PS16

    Annuncicom Ps16 Professional standards-based desktop IP Intercom and paging master station for use in IP Audio distribution applications

  • Barix Annuncicom 1000

    Annuncicom 1000 Versatile, standards-based, professional IP Intercom and PA device with supervised contact closure inputs and relays, balanced audio interfaces and redundant supervised Ethernet and power connections.

  • D16 DualDome

    It resembles a classic dome camera, but take a closer look: This is a genuine MOBOTIX system. The two lenses can be positioned independently from one another, enabling completely new image perspectives and applications.

  • M16 AllroundDual

    Thanks to superb features, our flagship product delivers videos in brilliant color during the day and high-contrast black/white footage in dark settings. Switching between the day and night sensor is carried out in a fully digital manner without any mecha

  • S16 DualFlex

    Thanks to its highly flexible design with especially compact camera housing and sensor modules that can each be positioned at a distance of up to 3 m, the S16 covers two areas at once - while remaining virtually invisible.

  • Barix Annuncicom 155

    Annuncicom 155 Ruggedized IP Paging, Intercom and VoIP

  • V16 Vandalism

    Our bullet-proof, high-security camera system for high-risk areas of use. With its stainless steel armor and light-sensitive MOBOTIX video technology, the V16 maintains a constant overview inside and outside buildings that are at risk of vandalism.

  • Barix Annuncicom 200

    Annuncicom 200 Versatile, standards-based IP Intercom and PA device with contact closure inputs and relay output, power over Ethernet (PoE) support, and an 8-watt speaker amplifier.

  • Barix Annuncicom 100

    Annuncicom 100 Versatile, standards-based IP Intercom and PA device with contact closure inputs and relay output.

  • Barix Annuncicom 60

    The Annuncicom 60 is a generic IP Audio device designed to serve as a gateway between IP based VoIP, Paging, Intercom systems and traditional systems or call boxes, loudspeakers and microphones.

  • Barix Exstreamer 1000

    Barix Exstreamer 1000 encoder / decoder with digital audio interface AES/EBU and balanced inputs and outputs

  • Barix Exstreamer 500

    Barix Exstreamer 500 encoder / decoder with balanced inputs and outputs

  • Barix Exstreamer P5

    Barix Exstreamer P5 Universal, Multiformat IP Audio Decoder with Amplifier, PoE powered.

  • Barix Exstreamer 200

    Barix Exstreamer 200 with built-in amplifier, S/PDIF output, USB flash interface and IR receiver

  • v26 Indoor Dome

    The dome camera, which is available in black or white, can be fitted with six different MOBOTIX HD premium lenses with fields of view of 103° to 15°. An on-wall set with an integrated microphone and speaker is optionally available, as is a vandalism set w

  • Barix Exstreamer 110 / 120

    Barix Exstreamer 110 / 120 Audio over IP decoder with line-level audio outputs, USB flash interface, IR receiver, LCD display and relay, low power, multi-format (MP3/WMA/AACplusV2,PCM,Ethersound) support.

  • IP Audio Module 300

    IP Audio Module 300 Advanced multiformat IP Audio decoder module

  • IP Audio Module 102

    IP Audio Module 102 encoding and decoding capability, various I/O and serial ports

  • p26 Indoor PT

    Thanks to the manual tilting and panning function, the lens can be adjusted very easily and precisely to the area to be monitored. The p26 is fitted with a super wide angle lens; when it is installed in a corner of the ceiling, it can monitor the entire r

  • Barix R6

    Barix R6 Modbus remote I/O module with serial RS-485 Modbus/RTU interface, and 6 high current relays (230VAC,16A), UL listed, DIN Rail mountable

  • Barix X8

    Barix X8 Modbus remote I/O module with RS485 Modbus/RTU interface, 8 universal (analog or digital) TTL level inputs or outputs.

  • Barix Barionet (100)

     Programmable I/O device server with 2 serial ports, relay and digital outputs, digital and analog inputs and Dallas 1-wire support.,

  • Barix Barionet 50

    Programmable I/O device server with 2 serial ports, 8 digital I/O and Dallas 1-wire support, SNMP, Modbus/TCP and web interfaces via builtin 10/100 Ethernet interface.

  • The Instreamer

    The Instreamer encodes analog audio sources in real time in a configurable format (MP3, PCM, G.711,G.722) and streams via TCP, UDP, Shoutcast, Multicast RTP format to configurable destinations.

  • c26 Indoor 360°

    For Quick Installation In Suspended Ceilings. With a diameter of 12 centimeters and a weight of approximately 200 grams, the c26 is the smallest and lightest hemispheric complete video system. It is particularly well suited for use in the retail industry:

  • RTC Dongle

    The Barix RTC Dongle is a real time clock device for the RS-232 serial interface

  • i26 Indoor 180°

    The i26 is the discreet indoor variant for in-wall or on-wall installation. Thanks to a horizontal viewing angle of up to 180° and housing that is slightly aligned downwards, the system delivers high-resolution overview images of entire events.

  • Cable Set Audio

    for Instreamer, Exstreamer 100/ 110, Annuncicom 100 series

  • Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit

    The Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit content allows for quick bench test installation or presetting / validating the Barix Annuncicom 155 for the use in the field.

  • IR Remote Control Kit

    IR reception dongle connects to Barix Exstreamer devices via the built-in serial port.

  • Barix Rack Mount | Mounting Bracket

    Barix accessory for Ex-/Instreamer devices & Accessory to mount Barix audio devices

  • Temperature Sensor

    Encapsulated 1-Wire temperature sensor for home automation, industrial and control applications.

  • M16 Thermal

    The intelligent video system with an integrated high-performance thermal image sensor takes full advantage of the M16 camera design. Thanks to the two directly adjacent lenses, there is also a thermal overlay function with image overlay (thermal and optic

  • S16 Thermal

    MOBOTIX present the most flexible dual thermal camera in the world. It is possible to connect either one or two weatherproof thermal sensor modules to the easily concealable camera module with up to three-meter-long sensor cables. The design concept of th

  • HD Premium Lenses

    HD lenses from Ultra Wide Angle (103°) to Super Tele (8°) for MOBOTIX cameras with 5 MP or 6 MP sensor.

  • Sensor Modules

    Suitable for FlexMount S15D and AllroundDual M15

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    บริษัท ดิจิตอลคอม จำกัด บริษัท ซีซีทีวี (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด และ บริษัท เอช ไอ พี โกลบอล จำกัด ร่วมกับ สมาคมผู้ประกอบการระบบรักษาความปลอดภัยไทย มอบอุปกรณ์ระบบกล้องโทรทัศน์วงจรปิด พร้อมอุปกรณ์การติดตั้งให้แก่ 

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    ณ อำเภอเรณูนคร จังหวัดนครพนม เมื่อวันที่ 12 สิงหาคม 2559 (วันแม่แห่งชาติ) ที่ผ่านมา

  • 9 Oct, 15 “Sharing Happiness and Success”

    เมื่อวันที่ 9 ตุลาคม 2558 โดยคุณสุวิช จิตรเกษมสุข กรรมการผู้จัดการและพนักงานบริษัท ดิจิตอลคอม จำกัด ร่วมแบ่งปันความสุขคืนสู่สังคมในโครงการ “Sharing Happiness and Success” ครั้งที่ 3/2015 นำส่งมอบคอมพิวเตอร์โดยบริจาคพร้อมติดตั้งเครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์ ให้แก่น้องๆโรงเรียนบ้านราวนคร ณ จังหวัดสุรินทร์ งานนี้เรียกได้ว่าอิ่มทั้งบุญ อิ่มทั้งใจจริงๆเมื่อได้เห็นรอยยิ้มจากน้องๆเด็กนักเรียนโรงเรียนบ้านราวนครค่ะ



  • 4 Oct, 14 Sharing Happiness and Success Project

    มื่อวันที่ 4 ตุลาคม 2557 ที่ผ่านมา บริษัท ดิจิตอลคอม จำกัด นำทีมโดยคุณสุวิช จิตรเกษมสุข กรรมการผู้จัดการ และพนักงาน ร่วมบริจาคเงินสร้างรั้วโรงเรียน รางระบายน้ำและร่วมาสีรั้วให้สดใสให้แก่โรงเรียนบ้านหนองหวาย อำเภอเลาขวัญ จังหวัดกาญจนบุรี ในโครงการ ร่วมแบ่งปันความสุขสู่สังคมในโครงการ “Sharing Happiness and Success” Project 2/2014 ได้เห็นน้องๆมีความสุขและใช้ชีวิตในโรงเรียนอย่างปลอดภัยพวกเราก็มีความสุขด้วยค่ะ

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