Data line



Data protection module for terminal interface

•    High Surge Current Rating
•    Multi-staged Hybrid Design protect both over current and over voltage
•    Fast Response
•    Both Common & Normal Mode Protection
•    Protecting both Lightning & Power Line Induction
•    Fail Safe & Automatic Resetable
•    2.5 cable Terminal Interface
•    Easy to Installation

With the rapid advance of electronics technology moving towards the miniaturization of large scale integrated circuitry, it inevitably increases the vulnerability of electronics components or systems being damage by electrical surge caused by lightning or power line fault. Data communication using modulation technique over conventional copper wires has the tenancy to be induced by surge caused by lightning or power line fault; and the Data Subscriber Unit (DSU) can be damaged and causes interruption of communication.

SurgeGuard series of Data Protection Module (DPM) have been specially developed to match the protection requirement of new data communication over copper wires, ADSL, ISDN, and (point to point) base band modem which can handle data speed up to 8 Mbps. By using the multi-stages hybrid design technique instead of the traditional single stage gas tube arrester, DPM offers greater protection capability, higher surge rating, faster response time and longer operational life. DPM-TMN is designed to connect directly to subscriber line interface using Terminal Block. By separating the Terminal Base (TB) module and Protection Cap (PC) module, it makes it easy to replace failed Protection Cap without any re-wiring.

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