Panoramic cameras

Panoramic cameras

Panoramic cameras provide a 360º field of view

Panoramic cameras provide a 360º field of view, ideal for surveillance applications that require wide area coverage in a single view. Such cameras can be used to detect activities in a large area, track the flow of people and improve area management.

AXIS M3007-P, AXIS M3007-PV, AXIS M3027-PVE and M3037-PVE Network Cameras

    With a wide-angle lens and a 5-megapixel sensor, these affordably priced fixed domes offer multiple viewing models such as 360º overview, 180º panorama, quad views (simulating four different cameras) and view areas with support for digital pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

   For indoor use, AXIS M3007-PV offers vandal-resistance, while AXIS M3007-P offers discreetness with its smoke detector-like casing. AXIS M3027-PVE is vandal-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. AXIS M3037-PVE is a cost-effective video and audio surveillance solution that offers several panoramic views, indoors or outdoors, in any light conditions. The cameras can cover an area more than 650 m² (7,000 sq. ft.). They are ideal for retail stores, hotels, schools and offices.

AXIS M30 panoramic cameras are ideal for locations such as retail stores 


AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera

   Being Axis' first multi-sensor and multi-megapixel network camera, AXIS Q3709-PVE offers a one-camera solution instead of installing 2-3 network cameras. 

   Easy to install, both indoors as well as outdoors, the day and night fixed dome provides 180º view in up to 33 MP resolution, or 3 x 4K in 30 fps. AXIS Q3709-PVE comprises three sensors that together provide a perfect 180º view without any stitch in the center, intuitively conveying complete situational awareness, suitable for installation in, e.g. airports, railway stations and logistic centers. The multi-megapixel lenses are focused from factory, eliminating the needed of focusing at the installation stage.

AXIS Q3709-PVE is ideal for surveillance of large, open areas like city squares.



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