System Components

  • HD Premium Lenses

    HD lenses from Ultra Wide Angle (103°) to Super Tele (8°) for MOBOTIX cameras with 5 MP or 6 MP sensor.

  • Sensor Modules

    Suitable for FlexMount S15D and AllroundDual M15

  • Lens Units

    Suitable for DualDome D15 (not suitable for older series DualDome D12 and D14)

  • Interface Boxes And Sensors

    Protect your MOBOTIX camera from damage caused by electrical surges, connect additional sensors and I/O devices or use the GPS signal as a precise time source and for tracking functions. The compact, weatherproof interface boxes, with a width of just arou

  • MxSwitch

    A 100 Mbps network switch is a compact hat rail module that can be used to directly connect and power up to four MOBOTIX cameras or other PoE/PoE+ devices. In addition, the MxSwitch offers exclusive split technology that make connecting and powering a MOB

  • MxIRLight & MxSplitProtect

    Invisible to the human eye, energy-saving light even in total darkness. A MOBOTIX infrared illuminator only requires standard PoE+ as a power supply. Without having to lay a lot of additional network cables, up to two PoE devices (IEEE 802.3af/at) can be

  • MxThinClient

    The PoE-powered network device is the intelligent, easy-to-use MOBOTIX solution for viewing the live feed from our cameras and Door Stations on a monitor or TV equipped with an HDMI port. It offers completely new applications by foregoing all control elem

  • Power Adapter PoE Set

    PoE injector incl. crossover function for direct connection to the PC

  • PoE Power Adapter

    PoE injector (IEEE 802.3af) incl. crossover function for direct connection to the PC

  • PoE Universal Power Supply

    For international use thanks to broad input voltage range and interchangeable power plugs (no tools required)

  • Battery Cable

    Provides power supply from car batteries of other power sources from 12 to 24 V for the camera

  • Corner Mounting Set c25

    For c25

  • On-Wall Installation Set c25 and p25

    For c25 and p25

  • On-Wall Installation Set i25

    For i25 IT/Sec

  • v25 On-Wall Kit With Audio

    On-wall kit with audio, supporting the v25 with two-way audio incl. microphone and speaker, space for two MxBus PCBs (printed circuit boards), cable screw connection.

  • In-Ceiling Set

    Suitable for D25, Q25 and ExtIO

  • On-Wall Set

    For D25, Q25 and ExtIO

  • 10° On-Wall Set

    For D25, Q25 and ExtIO

  • Outdoor Wall Mount

    For D25 and Q25 and ExtIO

  • Pole Mount For Use With Wall Mount MX-OPT-WH

    Fastening for Dome wall mount MX-OPT-WH (for D25, Q25 and ExtIO)

  • Set Pole Mount and Wall Mount

    Set consisting of pole mount (MX-OPT-MH) and wall mount (MX-OPT-WH) for D25 and Q25

  • Wall Mount for D15

    Used with wall mount the DualDome is weather-proof (IP65)

  • Pole and Corner Mount D15

    also suitable for D14, D12 and D10

  • Set Pole/Corner Mount and Wall Mount for D15

    Set consisting of pole/corner mount (MX-MH-Dome-ESWS) and wall mount (MX-WH-Dome)