Accessories & Third party components

  • RTC Dongle

    The Barix RTC Dongle is a real time clock device for the RS-232 serial interface

  • Cable Set Audio

    for Instreamer, Exstreamer 100/ 110, Annuncicom 100 series

  • Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit

    The Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit content allows for quick bench test installation or presetting / validating the Barix Annuncicom 155 for the use in the field.

  • IR Remote Control Kit

    IR reception dongle connects to Barix Exstreamer devices via the built-in serial port.

  • Barix Rack Mount | Mounting Bracket

    Barix accessory for Ex-/Instreamer devices & Accessory to mount Barix audio devices

  • Temperature Sensor

    Encapsulated 1-Wire temperature sensor for home automation, industrial and control applications.