Nucleus is a command-room solution

Buildings and cities today are increasingly interconnected with sensors providing real-time information for security, facility, environmental and enterprise management applications. The exponential rise in the number of installed sensors brings out the challenge of real-time situation awareness to city and building managers i.e. the challenge of swiftly and correctly interpreting the real-time data avalanche, making decisions and responding to real-time situations.

NUCLEUS 3D Unified Management System for Smart Buildings and Cities
Enter NUCLEUS – the 3D unified management system that interposes the real-time data avalanche of sensor networks with 3D building information to provide comprehensive situation awareness to premise managers. Comprehensive real-time situation awareness in a single, unified view is provided in the following ways:


Unified Situations

NUCLEUS enables smart fusions that integrate real-time data, analytics, videos, locations and events with 3D environments to provide unified 3D situation visualization and management for different functions and facilities of the smart building/city.

Unified Systems

NUCLEUS integrates with a diverse range of sensors, from live CCTV videos, to access control systems, to network management systems and environmental sensors. Using NUCLEUS’s open sensor API as a neutral platform, different “best-of-breed” sensor systems are unified.

Unified Maps

Unlike traditional 2D map-based solutions which provide piecemeal situation views ( as each map can represent only a specific floor or section ), NUCLEUS converge all disparate plans and drawings into one single interactive 3D premise model rendering to enables managers to fully understand real-time situations in a single, unified view.

NUCLEUS is thus ideal for deployment in operations centers and command centers for use in the main large-screen displaying the Overall Real-time 3D Situation View, as well as in operator PCs for 3D premise management functions. NUCLEUS is a fully extensible and scalable platform with Application Programming Interfaces (API) for sensors, and a customizable architecture for supporting your additional needs in backend premise management.


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