Next-Generation Firewall


Next-Generation Firewalls

AR3050S & AR4050S

Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls are the ideal integrated security platform for today’s networks. Next-Generation Firewall technology and threat protection are combined with routing and switching, providing an innovative high-performance solution.

Powerful intrusion protection uses specialized multi-core CPUs. These are optimized for single-pass low-latency performance, and have threat signature databases that are updated regularly for up-to-the-minute protection against malware, viruses and other cyber-attacks.

Full application control allows organizations to manage which online applications their people use and how they use them. Web control provides a simple means to boost user productivity, ensure compliance, and save bandwidth, all while preventing web-based threats from infecting business networks.

Comprehensive VPN functionality provides secure remote access, so employees can utilize all of their digital business resources, whether they are physically inside or outside their company premises.

Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls are the complete security solution for modern businesses.


AlliedWare Plus™ feature-rich operating system 
Active Fiber Monitoring™ 
Next-Generation DPI Firewall 
Application and web control 
Intrusion Detection / Prevention System (IDS/IPS) 
IP Reputation services 
Malware protection 
Secure remote VPN access 
Site-to-site VPN connectivity 
Advanced routing capabilities 
Traffic shaping and prioritization 
Strong authentication 
Flexible licensing options 
AMF compatible for easy installation and management 
Multi-core hardware for high performance

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