SwitchBlade x8100 Series


One switch. Unlimited possibilities.
Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series Advanced Layer 3+ chassis switches are designed to deliver high availability, wirespeed performance, and a high port count. Two control card options, CFC400 and CFC960, provide solutions for medium and large networks. The ability to stack two chassis when using the CFC960 provides a powerful and completely resilient network core solution, which can even be distributed over long distance.

The SwitchBlade x8100 Series is a high-performing scalable solution, providing an extensive range of connectivity options. Dual control cards are partnered with four or ten line card slots in the 6 or 12 slot chassis. Gigabit and 10 Gigabit line card options ensure a system capable of meeting the requirements of today’s networks, and the flexibility to expand when required.

Active-Active switching fabric utilizes all available system bandwidth all of the time, and fast failover is provided with the second control card in hot-standby. The SwitchBlade’s highly resilient design includes dual controllers, dual PSUs and dual redundant passive backplane paths. The ability to hot-swap additional control cards, line cards and system or PoE power supplies guarantees maximum system uptime. The SwitchBlade x8100 Series ensures online resources and applications are always available.

The SwitchBlade x8100 Series is incredibly eco-friendly, utilizing high-efficiency power supplies and low-power chip sets. Easily the most power efficient chassis in its class, the SwitchBlade x8100 Series features lower cost of ownership — and is better for the planet, too.


Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF)
Dual controller fabric slots and either four or ten line card slots
High port density in a compact form factor
Virtual Chassis Stacking Plus (VCStack Plus™)
Extensive Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connectivity options
High reliability with dual redundant load-sharing PSUs
Maximum uptime with all hardware hot-swappable
Active-Active switch fabric
Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)
AlliedWare Plus™ feature-rich operating system
Industry-standard CLI
Industry-leading Quality of Service (QoS)
Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing™)
Powerful multicasting features

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