XProtect Access

XProtect® Access

Video enable your access control

Experience the benefits of combining video with access control

What is XProtect Access?

    XProtect Access is an add-on product to Milestone’s XProtect VMS that enables you to integrate your access control system with your XProtect VMS. You can then control both your video cameras and your access control system from one centralized interface. XProtect Access works in installations of all sizes.

Why should I video-enable 
my access control?

Combining video with access control events offers several advantages. You get

  • Better decision making from your operators, who visually verify the identity of individuals requesting access.
  • More efficient work processes, as operators can manage video surveillance and access control from one interface.
  • More thorough, straightforward post-incident investigations, as you have video information linked to each entry/exit event

Why should I choose XProtect Access?
XProtect Access provides an easy, efficient way of video enabling your access control.

  • It is a cost-effective way to integrate video and access control, as it requires a minimal amount of onsite configuration for your integrator, due to the pre-integration made by the Access Control vendors.
  • It is a scalable solution, since it works with the full range of the XProtect VMS product suite *.
  • You can select the access control system that fits your needs and budget.


What can I do with XProtect Access?
Once your access control system is integrated with your XProtect VMS, you can:

  • Manage access rights using the XProtect Smart Client
  • Manage large installations with thousands of access points
  • Integrate multiple access control systems from any vendor in the same interface


How do I get started?
If you want to video enable your access control, you need the following:

  • The XProtect VMS of your choice
  • The XProtect Access add-on product
  • An access control system from the vendor of your choice
  • The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) to create the link between the VMS and the access control system

Below you’ll find a list of providers who have developed access control systems that work with XProtect VMS and XProtect Access. If you need help finding the solution that works best for you, contact a certified Milestone partner. 


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