Business ready solutions

Business Ready Solutions

Everything you need for a small to mid-size surveillance system

  •  XProtect Professional   Medium to large surveillance solution  XProtect Professional is software for mid-sized video surveillance of institutions like museums, hospitals, campuses and schools

Efficient IP video management software

    XProtect Professional is IP video management software (VMS) designed for mid-sized security installations covering multiple buildings. It is designed for surveillance systems with more than 48 cameras and can span across multiple servers. Using XProtect Professional, operators can get a complete overview of their security installation, quickly respond to incidents and provide accurate information to first responders. Typical uses could be institutions such as schools, museums, hospitals and production plants that use video surveillance to quickly identify and address incidents.

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  • XProtect Express  Basic to small surveillance solution  XProtect Express is video surveillance software optimized for retail and small businesses that need to integrate applications, such as video analytics or transaction data analysis.

Cost-effective IP video management software

   XProtect Express is manageable, affordable IP video management software (VMS) for smaller, single-location companies requiring a security solution with functionality beyond typical video surveillance capabilities. It can manage up to 48 surveillance cameras and supports simple ways of incorporating video into their existing business operations, such as linking access control to live video feeds. XProtect Express is the perfect match for retail shops, parking lots or office buildings moderate security needs. 

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  •  XProtect Essential   Basic to small surveillance solution  XProtect Essential is video surveillance software for small businesses, such as shops and offices, which require basic surveillance capabilities                               

Entry-level IP video management software

    With support for up to 26 cameras, XProtect Essential is cost-efficient, easy-to-use IP video surveillance software with everything you need for a light security installation. It’s the perfect match for small businesses that primarily capture video recordings of incidents to be able to conduct post-incident investigations. Customers usually use XProtect Essential for office buildings, storefronts or shops that need video surveillance to prevent break-ins, vandalism and other security-related issues.

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