System Components


HD Premium Lenses

HD lenses from Ultra Wide Angle (103°) to Super Tele (8°) for MOBOTIX cameras with 5 MP or 6 MP sensor.

Suitable for M2x, D2x, D1x, p2x, c2x, i2x, v2x


CSVario Lens For Cameras With CS-Mount

Suitable for S15D-BlockflexMount und M25M with CS-Mount 
Manually adjustable focal length (nominal: 4.5 to 10 mm) 
Horizontal image angles: 32° to 75° (5MP sensor); 39° to 89° (6MP sensor)
Vertical image angles: 25° to 56° (5MP sensor); 29° to 65° (6MP sensor)



    For M25 Body with CSVario Lens or MX-B500
    Lens protection for extreme weather conditions
    Scratch-proof glass


Please note:    

In the color sensors, the infrared CUT filter is NOT in the lens, but rather already installed in the lens casing in the camera.
We do not recommend the Super Tele lens for p25!
For lens MX-B500 it is necessary to use the long version of the lens cover which has to be ordered separately.

Detailed information about our lenses can be found on the site lens options.

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