Exstreamer Family

Barix Exstreamer 500

Barix Exstreamer 500 encoder / decoder with balanced inputs and outputs

Barix Exstreamer 500 Audio over IP encoder/decoder with balanced inputs and outputs, contact closures (input and output) and USB flash interface. Reliable architecture, low power requirements and MP3/PCM/Ethersound support.

The Exstreamer 500 is a professional IP Audio codec that provides balanced analog audio interfaces (stereo input and stereo output) and contact closures. A USB flash interface allows use of external memory to store audio files. The low power, reliable architecture makes the device an ideal choice for STL applications, professional audio endpoints (with IP or Ethersound protocol) and generic audio routing applications.

Applications - Out of the box the Exstreamer 500 has the Barix STL and Reflector applications preloaded, making it ideal for :

•Broadcast applications such as STL (with contact closures), confidence checking, remote contribution, silence detection, etc.
•Professional audio, low latency audio streaming

Features - specific for Exstreamer 500 hardware

• Audio stereo codec (encode/decoder) for MPEG1&2 Layer3 (MP3), PCM linear and alaw, u-law, 8-48k sample rate support. AAC+, WMA, Ogg Vorbis formats are not supported.
• Unlike the other Exstreamer family products the Exstreamer 500 / 1000 can both encode and decode audio streams.
• 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
• USB 1.1 interface for flash memory (FAT16/32 file system support)
• Wide range power supply input with low power consumption
• Two independent serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485)
• IR decoding capability with optional serial port IR receiver
• Four contact closure inputs and four relay outputs

The Exstreamer 500 supports all available software applications from the Instreamer and Exstreamer, as well as most of the Annuncicom family applications :

Instreamer software applications on Exstreamer 500

• General-purpose IP Audio encoder with shoutcast/icecast source, metadata generation, TCP/RTP/shoutcast/HTTP/multicast streaming interfaces
• Confidence monitoring encoder with under/overmodulation monitoring and SNMP trap alerts
• Security listening device, environmental audio monitor/encoding
• BGM/Music on Hold encoder for VoIP phone systems and paging systems

Exstreamer software applications on Exstreamer 500

• General-purpose streaming firmware for local applications
• Streaming client for remote streaming applications, in-store applications, and syndication
• Paging/Background music distribution
• Store and Forward (download and play locally) for in-store, information, music on hold etc
• Message player/digital message repeater
• SIP paging gateway, “IP speaker”

Annuncicom family software applications on Exstreamer 500

• SIP door station, intercom and paging gateway
• Paging/Intercom master
• Paging/Intercom slave with background music support
• Entertainment/hotel/paging client
• Audio recording and server upload application
• Syndication receiver with contact closure outputs
• General-purpose audio streaming for local applications
• Message player/digital message repeater with contact closure inputs, local recording, network update
• IP Speaker with talkback capability

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