Exstreamer Family

Barix Exstreamer 1000

Barix Exstreamer 1000 encoder / decoder with digital audio interface AES/EBU and balanced inputs and outputs

Exstreamer 1000 : Applications

• Broadcast applications such as STL (with contact closures), confidence checking, remote contribution, silence detection, etc.
• Professional audio, low latency audio streaming
Features - specific for Exstreamer 1000 hardware

• Audio stereo codec (encode/decoder) for MPEG1&2 Layer3 (MP3), PCM linear and alaw, u-law, 8-48k sample rate support. AAC+, WMA, Ogg Vorbis formats are not supported.
• Unlike the other Exstreamer family products the Exstreamer 500 / 1000 can both encode and decode audio streams.
• 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
• USB 1.1 interface for flash memory (FAT16/32 file system support)
• Wide range power supply input with low power consumption
• AES/EBU (digital) and balanced analog stereo audio interfaces (inputs and outputs)
• Two independent serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485)
• IR decoding capability with optional serial port IR receiver
• Four contact closure inputs and four relay outputs

The Exstreamer 1000 supports all available Software applications from the Instreamer and Exstreamer, as well as most of the Annuncicom family applications:
Instreamer software applications on Exstreamer 1000
• General-purpose IP Audio encoder with shoutcast/icecast source, metadata generation, TCP/RTP/shoutcast/HTTP/multicast streaming interfaces
• Confidence monitoring encoder with under/overmodulation monitoring and SNMP trap alerts
• Security listening device, environmental audio monitor/encoding
• BGM/Music on Hold encoder for VoIP phone systems and paging systems

Exstreamer software applications on Exstreamer 1000

• General-purpose streaming firmware for local applications
• Streaming client for remote streaming applications, in-store applications, and syndication
• Paging/Background music distribution
• Store and Forward (download and play locally) for in-store, information, music on hold etc
• Message player/digital message repeater
• SIP paging gateway, “IP speaker”

Annuncicom family software applications on Exstreamer 1000

• SIP door station, intercom and paging gateway
• Paging/Intercom master
• Paging/Intercom slave with background music support
• Entertainment/hotel/paging client
• Audio recording and server upload application
• Syndication receiver with contact closure outputs
• General-purpose audio streaming for local applications
• Message player/digital message repeater with contact closure inputs, local recording, network update
• IP Speaker with talkback capability

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