About Synology 
Here at Synology, we strive to re-define what a network-attached storage (NAS) can achieve, and to bring unparalleled power and versatility that will revolutionize the way data are managed – with a thoroughly new digital experience.

Synology Innovation
Responsive and flexible data management is a crucial challenge for today's users. Home users and businesses alike must find ways to harness the ever increasing data and to use it efficiently. Synology is committed to develop NAS solutions for efficient and easy data management. Taking innovation as the key drive, Synology NAS solutions encompass complete product lines of storage hardware, the software operating system, and a diverse array of services and applications.


A Hybrid Cloud with a Web-based Platform
Synology makes a NAS more than a file server. We bring together the accessibility of public cloud and the security which private cloud possesses to form a hybrid cloud solution with a web-based platform. The web-based platform transforms NAS from being a pure file server to a multi-functional device suitable for different purposes. It's the first time that anyone in the industry has done so.

Software Innovation
Believing the true value of a NAS server lies in its software, Synology is dedicated to offer businesses and individuals strong support to solve the issues that they value most. Some of the most significant features include:
Multitasking web-desktop: Facilitate administration efficiency with multitasking and a suite of desktop tools.
Web installation: Fast, hassle-free, and disk-free installation that can be performed on computer and mobile devices.
Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR): Instant and straightforward storage optimization tool.
Synology High Availability (SHA): Construct failover cluster to maintain mission critical tasks function normally without disrupting business operation.

Hardware Innovation
Much attention is invested in building a reliable NAS server. Synology focuses to deliver servers that offer continuous service uptime, large storage, and efficient energy usage.
Extending system continuity: CPU passive cooling & system fan failover design extend system uptime.
Airflow enhancement: Airflow efficiency is enhanced to reduce power consumption, increase server stability, and reduce noise level caused by fan spin.
Scalability: Scale-up design delivers efficient management in a unified system structure.
Smart energy management: Saving over 90% of power consumption in system hibernation and quickly resume in full operation when required.

Virtualization Support
Synology dual-LAN NAS servers come with full support on VMware®, Citrix®, and Microsoft® Hyper-V™. In addition, Synology is among the leading NAS providers to offer support on VMware vSphere® 5 with full VAAI support and Microsoft® Windows Server 2012. With the complete range of virtualization support, Synology helps businesses to develop a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient virtualization solution.


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