The BriefCam® comprehensive Video Content Analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance camera investments by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable. Review hours of video in minutes; respond immediately to critical situational changes in the environment; and quantitatively analyze video to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security and operational decision making, all while effectively balancing sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency:

INNOVATIVE & EXTENSIBLE PLATFORM: A robust portfolio of critical video analytics capabilities fully integrated across the platform for a better together paradigm.

UNMATCHED ACCURACY: Leverage market leading accuracy for detection and classification across object classes, attributes, behaviors, as well as face and license plate recognition.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Effectively supports the requirement for both on-demand and real-time analytics for full camera coverage.

FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE: Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow for centralized, distributed, cloud and hybrid deployment architectures.

EASE OF USE: Quickest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership drives productivity, accelerates time to target and gains the competitive edge.